Tuesday, November 29, 2011

bucket list: angry birds

OH BOY. these are the only words i have for this manicure. oh boy oh boy oh boy. this mani took me 6 freakin hours to do.. over the span of 2 days! and in the end i wish i wouldn't have spent that much time on this. i mean in reality its a cool idea but actually doing it? a WHOLE different story. some of the nails i think look kind of decent while others i want to take the polish right off asap. i don't ever show my right hand and you will see why. its not too hot looking...very unsteady. but you gotta show all the birds right? if i ever do this again i have already been coming up with new ideas. i don't even know how many layers are on some of these nails! 4 or 5 maybe? too many! a lot of ice water was used! haha with each nail I'm including a pic of the actual bird. i didn't put pics of the pigs though. well, here it goes...

left hand... not too bad

i don't think these birds have names so ill just call them by color. he's actually pretty decent. the beak got kinda messy but what could i do. looking at this pic i realize i forgot his yellow cheeks. oh well..

to the first pig! he's not too bad either! i think he's the best one out of the 3 pigs.

black bird! oh lordy! this one got screwed up when it came to the beak. looks nothing like it. and the yellow tip i forgot about till after i was done so it looks kinda retorted with how transparent it is. had to touch this one up for pics.. the gray was already starting to wear. mine doesn't look as tough as the real one!

the green bird! i don't think he looks too bad! the green starts to kind of blend with the blue but irl you can see the difference. at first i really hated the beak, but now its grown on me. i think it looks pretty good!

the second piggy!

anddddd on to the right hand. i had SOOO much trouble trying to take pictures of this hand. soooo these are all vertical. i need to become ambidextrous (is that the word???)

yellow birdie! i think he looks good for being on my right hand.. minus the eyebrows. ohh those eyebrows are killing me. they got wayyy too thick.

this ones by far my favorite.. and its on my right hand! i think its just because this is the classic bird. before i could take a pic though, the white got all screwy because of all the layers and it messed with the beak! the beak was a perfect triangle till that happened.
angry birds Pictures, Images and Photos

the third and ugliest piggy.

i would love to just completely erase this one. i should have redone it but i was too sick of painting by that time. i didnt even want to show it buttt i gotta show the good and the bad huh? enough is enough though...i don't even want to talk about this one.

and last but not least the little blue bird! he's too cute! although his feathers on top kind of look like rabbit ears. his eyes are crazy looking too haha.

oh I'm so glad to be done with this mani. pretty sure I'm going to take it off tomorrow or thurs because I'm pretty sick of looking at it. the next one will be so simple ill probably fall asleep! now off to do some homework and stay warm. its snowing here =D


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  2. Wow, that's incredible! I love all of them! The time and effort that you put into that really paid off!

  3. thanks! i think its a once in a lifetime design haha =D

  4. Wow, those are gorgeous. I haven't got the patience to put that much into my nails designs. Now I know why they never turn out great.

  5. haha i normally don't either! i tried to challenge myself this time i guess.