Saturday, November 5, 2011

continuation of the 3 post!

Sorry i didn't finish these the other day. i ended up going shopping and then going to sleep. I've ben so tired lately. BUTTTT this was my only other halloween mani and i thought it was another super cute one.

a jack 'o lantern is always been a halloween icon but i wanted to make mine cute! so of course i added sparkle. =] and i didn't want to do a face on every nail so i added some of the leaves and whatever else comes on a pumpkin.

isn't he super cute! he looks like a happy pumpkin!

and the leaves and stems? is that what they would be called?

and just for kicks and giggles, heres my right hands jack 'o lantern face. he looks happier but it wasn't as good as my left hand.

heres the polishes i used: Sally Hansen Sun Kissed, Wet and Wild Tipsy on Bubbly, LA Colors Black, and Sinful Colors Envy


  1. Very cute! At first I though the leaves and stems were black string lights!

  2. haha they do look kind of black. the ones on my right hand were so shaky looking lol