Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas mani!

i first saw this design on cutepolish's youtube channel and i loveeeddddd it! i think its so christmasy and festive without using really any red and green. i love a french tip anyways so this just makes it that much better!

i used OPI Alpine Snow, Sinful Colors Time Off, Sinful Colors Paradise, Sinful Colors Innocent, Sally Hansen Sun Kissed, Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, and my random OPI that i don't have a name for (red)

i got so many comments on this mani. everyone loved it! my manager at work thought it was a dolphin???? i don't know where he got that from but its all good haha

merry christmas part 1!

first matter of business is my new polish home =D i love this thing so much and already added some early christmas polishes to it giving me hardly any room left! i ordered it from amazon for $40 something and i think I'm going to have to get another if i get too many more polishes. but i love this!
and secondly my first christmas mani! i did this one a week or so ago and I've had ZERO time to blog it. but I've got a few minutes now before christmas eve dinner and present opening to blog about two different manis. i really wanted to do a santa one and a reindeer buttttt calculating the time till xmas i didn't have time for that many manis. sooo i combined the two! i mean santa is always known with this reindeer so it fits right? i think they are both too cute.

i used Maybelline Bordeaux, Sinful Colors Nirvana, Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Sally Hansen Black Out , and the red sparkle snowman polish!

so jolly! he makes me happy =D haha

and you can't forget rudolph! its not christmas without him!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I'm done with finals so to celebrate heres a fun peppermint mani! theres the red peppermints and the green spearmints. =D i absolutely love this! i think its adorable and fun! and having the glitter on top makes it even better. this hand didn't turn out too bad stripe wise but my right hand....oh man. looks like i sneezed a few times haha. sorry for the flash on my nails. i had to take this when its dark out when i normally do it when its light.

i love this!

at first i thought the green would be a little too bright, but i think its perfect now.

i used Maybelline Bordeaux, Sinful Colors Happy Ending, Sinful Colors Bad Chick for the white stripe, and Wet N Wild Tipsy on Bubbly for the sparkle

heres the red and the green together. makes me want a mint =D i think the next mani will be something with animals

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

wintery mani

its time for the wintery manis to come. the first snow has fallen here and its cold. as. hell. sooo here it is! i don't know how i feel about the "dripping" look. it didn't really happen like i wanted it to. so i kinda had to drag the drips down. on the closer pictures you can see the different layers on some of my nails. but i absolutely love the dark blue that i used. gorgeous. and i love the light blue on top of the dark blue on the 2 nails. overall i think that this mani worked out really well.

i think this looks a lot better in person than it does in the picture.

i like it =] looks like snow falling off a rooftop or something!

that light blue that i used was almost a jelly? i think thats what it would be called. i dunno but i really like the look. one of these days i want to paint all my nails the dark blue and put the jelly blue over it.

its almost a multi-colored glitter over the blue. i did it on the nail first and wasn't really feeling it butttt i wasn't about to take the polish off and redo it so i just did it on the snowflake nails.


you can see the 2 blue nails together.

and the drippy nail and snowflake nail together

Friday, December 9, 2011

bucket list - striping tape

this was a mini disaster... ugh its coming off my nails today! such a grand idea! presents! i absolutely loved the colors i used. they were very christmasy =] and then the striping tape seemed just perfect. but nooooooo! that stuff is so crappy. well maybe it wouldn't have been if the edge hadn't been on the end of my nail. i think thats what ruined it. because most of the other sides stayed on. i think they look like cute presents =]

this was 2 coats of Alpine Snow, 2 coats of Sinful Colors Envy (green), and Maybelline Bordeaux (red)

i didn't even want to show my thumb nail again. that looked the worst. you can see the white on the red looks like crap too. for some reason i never have any luck with Alpine Snow. i dunno if its the brush or if its me? i think its a little bit of both. so much comes off the brush no matter how much i wipe off. so you can see by my cuticle its all crappy looking.
this is my favorite nail =] i love the red on the green! it got kinda clumpy towards my cuticle... something I'm working on getting better at

a christmas glitter

oh I'm so sorry guys! its been too long... I've got two manis for you though! its the end of semester so its been so hectic in trying to study and post. =[ so here we go! a little break from my bucket list. or rather i wanted something super easy after the angry birds mani. that mani nail art'ed (is that even a word? haha) me out for a while. i got this idea from The Polish Aholic's post here. the only thing i wanted to do different was add more glitter! although i did like how hers was more white than mine. this was just something really pretty. i considered putting a bow on my ring finger but changed my mind due to my lack of motivation. so here it is!

i think its actually really pretty. a subtle christmas mani =]

some spots got kinda clumpy when it came to the glitter and others bare.

the only real problem i ran into was wayyyyyy too many layers of polish. this was 2 layers of that snowman glitter, 4 layers of an icy top coat, and one real top coat. oh man did it start to crack the next day. =[ I've learned my lesson!

kinda an up-close =]

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

bucket list: angry birds

OH BOY. these are the only words i have for this manicure. oh boy oh boy oh boy. this mani took me 6 freakin hours to do.. over the span of 2 days! and in the end i wish i wouldn't have spent that much time on this. i mean in reality its a cool idea but actually doing it? a WHOLE different story. some of the nails i think look kind of decent while others i want to take the polish right off asap. i don't ever show my right hand and you will see why. its not too hot looking...very unsteady. but you gotta show all the birds right? if i ever do this again i have already been coming up with new ideas. i don't even know how many layers are on some of these nails! 4 or 5 maybe? too many! a lot of ice water was used! haha with each nail I'm including a pic of the actual bird. i didn't put pics of the pigs though. well, here it goes...

left hand... not too bad

i don't think these birds have names so ill just call them by color. he's actually pretty decent. the beak got kinda messy but what could i do. looking at this pic i realize i forgot his yellow cheeks. oh well..

to the first pig! he's not too bad either! i think he's the best one out of the 3 pigs.

black bird! oh lordy! this one got screwed up when it came to the beak. looks nothing like it. and the yellow tip i forgot about till after i was done so it looks kinda retorted with how transparent it is. had to touch this one up for pics.. the gray was already starting to wear. mine doesn't look as tough as the real one!

the green bird! i don't think he looks too bad! the green starts to kind of blend with the blue but irl you can see the difference. at first i really hated the beak, but now its grown on me. i think it looks pretty good!

the second piggy!

anddddd on to the right hand. i had SOOO much trouble trying to take pictures of this hand. soooo these are all vertical. i need to become ambidextrous (is that the word???)

yellow birdie! i think he looks good for being on my right hand.. minus the eyebrows. ohh those eyebrows are killing me. they got wayyy too thick.

this ones by far my favorite.. and its on my right hand! i think its just because this is the classic bird. before i could take a pic though, the white got all screwy because of all the layers and it messed with the beak! the beak was a perfect triangle till that happened.
angry birds Pictures, Images and Photos

the third and ugliest piggy.

i would love to just completely erase this one. i should have redone it but i was too sick of painting by that time. i didnt even want to show it buttt i gotta show the good and the bad huh? enough is enough though...i don't even want to talk about this one.

and last but not least the little blue bird! he's too cute! although his feathers on top kind of look like rabbit ears. his eyes are crazy looking too haha.

oh I'm so glad to be done with this mani. pretty sure I'm going to take it off tomorrow or thurs because I'm pretty sick of looking at it. the next one will be so simple ill probably fall asleep! now off to do some homework and stay warm. its snowing here =D


constellations or connect the dot

glaxey nails

needle design




angry birds

water marble

black matte

glitter gradient french

white dandelion (iphoto)

half moon on tip

half moon

striping tape

bumble bee

inverted dots (iphoto)

holiday lights

paint splatter

batman nails

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving mani!

happy (late) thanksgiving to everyone! didn't have time to post on thanksgiving and def not yesterday. i went shopping at 5pm thursday and had to be to work at 5am friday so no sleep haha! but i thought this mani was super festive. i really hate the colors but those are thanksgiving-ish colors so i used them. I've seen a lot of these stripe manis so i decided to try one because i couldn't decide on just one color. and then of course i had to add a turkey! he's so cute =D

such a bright mani! reds, golds, green, orange, and yellow!

trying to get different pictures to show my whole nails


turkey! turkey! my boyfriend said it looked like a peacock!

i love those golds though

side view

i used the polishes OPI Warm & Fozzie, LA Colors Yellow, Sally Hansen Sun Kissed, LA Colors Gold Glitter, Sinful Colors Nirvana, OPI It's a Doozi, Says Suzi, Sinful Colors Happy Ending, LA Colors Black