Sunday, November 13, 2011

birthday polishes i got!

first off I'm apologizing for the crappy pics. i messed with my camera so much to get rid of the yellow. did everything i could think of. oh well you can get the gist lol. but heres my bday nail polish! i loveeee everything i got and immediately painted my nails with one of them. pictures probably coming on tuesday; don't have time tomm and too pissed at my camera tonight. ok here we go!

OPI! muppet collection =] i didn't get the whole collection because the other colors i really didn't like. but i got such a good deal on the ones i got. love that my aunt sells them to me at the price they buy them for ($5) =D

again SORRY for the crappy pics. ugh these look even more horrible than i thought. but heres Pepes Purple Passion and Gone Gonzo!

heres Rainbow Connection and Designer... De Better! I'm really going to try to get better pictures in the next few days... not that you guys haven't seen these swatches already i bet. =P

and heres Warm & Fozzie. I LOVEEE this color and can't wait to use it!

and now onto Sinful Colors! these pics still look yellow but they look sooooo much better than the OPI's do. i love all these colors. i really wanted to get some brightttt colors.

here are Hazard and Innocent

Hottie and Happy Ending

Unicorn and Dream On

and now onto the most awesome nail polishes in the world. these are fricken ridiculous! the first is the magnetic I've been hearing about! the sephora near me doesn't have either of these polishes in stock because its within a JC Pennys. =[[ boooo! so while i was down in Novi shopping i thought id go to their sephora and look and see. and SUCCESS! they had not only the magnetic but also the special effects =D there was one employee walking around showing people the special effects and i feel in love immediately. only downfall? $20 for the set =[ ugh i bought it anyways. the magnetic was $16 i think. but anyhoo these are both amazing polishes. tried both out on my grandma right away (she was the only one to volunteer her nails to me). i used the magnetic for my polish right now, and changed it up a little. i also experimented with the magnet... all of which ill post tuesday like i said. but anyways the other 2 are a special effects polish thats almost i guess... holographic? i don't really know what it is but its awesome.

magnetic polish in Houses of Parliament (its a purple color)

and the special effects in The Wyndham and Kensington (a green color)

and last but not least some top coats. I've been wanting to get a matte top coat for a while now. i really love the matte color and have been eyeballing this mani (the top zebra stripe one) from Deez Nails. she has the most amazing blog and I'm constantly inspired by her manis. and then the black crackle I've been wanting too. i have a turquoise and a silver one but I've been wanting a black too. i was a little hesitant on buying nail polish from hot topic... i dunno why. but as you'll see tuesday i used the matte top coat and it works REALLY well. i love it even more than i thought i would. =D

they even named them nicely. Mattify and Volcano

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