Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nails inc magnetic!

Oh how i loveee this polish! seriously the coolest stuff ever. each nail is a little bit different! its a wonderful purple color and i decided to add my new matte coat over the top. i dunno why, but i love matte more than gloss sometimes. makes it look better i think with certain polishes and i think this is one of them. i think i like the polish so much because its not a super flashy design - but there is something there. sometimes i just want a little oomph!

on the second nail i painted, i figured id try something different. i thought putting the magnet a different way would still give it the same effect but i guess not. it just kinda made it all blurry. granted my picture is a tad blurry, but thats close to what it looked like (i painted these the same night i took pics of all my new polishes, hence the camera difficulties, but i edited these to make them less yellow). i guess the magnet has to go the same direction every time. if anyone wants to see the bottle, see the previous post here.

here it is shiny...i know bad pic. I'm just not the biggest fan of it shiny.

ahhhh heres the beautiful color in matte. the polish is called Houses of Parliament and its by Nails Inc. the polish actually is kind of thick when you apply it... I'm thinking that is because of whatever properties are in it to make it magnetic. but thats just a thought. even though it was thick, it applied really smooth. no clumps or lumps! this was 2 coats of Houses of Parliament and 1 coat of Warpaint Beauty Mattify.

i just love the designs it makes. something elegant and subtle.

can see it up close here

and again!

I decided today during my lunch break that I'm going to do a sort of "bucket list" (minus the dying of course lol) of nail polish designs i want to try. i think its a good idea for me! I'm a listy person and can never think of designs until after. soooo here is the list:



connect the dot

galaxy nails

needle marble


cheetah print

penguin or some other kind of animal

angry birds

water marble

black matte

glitter gradient french

white dandelion

half moon on tip

half moon

striping tape

bumble bee

inverted dots

holiday lights

paint splatter

batman nails

theres some on here that some of you might have zero idea of what i am talking about... everything on here is an idea from pictures i have seen of other peoples nail art. I'm going to work my way through the list and definitely keep you guys updated as i do them.=] wish me luck!

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