Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a new thought... any opinions, tips, or advice?

i would LOVE to start making my own polishes. that would be such an awesome thing to do. I'm not talking open my own store with thousands of polishes but make a few for me and then for friends and so on. I've seen quite a few of you that have your own stores and i was just wondering how you got started out. do you use a certain recipe to make your polishes. I'm not trying to copy anyone or anything i would just like to experiment and need a place to start. any suggestions would be much appreciated =D



  1. I love to franken & mix custom polishes!!! I say go for it. If you want to sell them I'd suggest lots of practice & creating, it takes time & effort to find your groove but it's so much fun. They make amazing gifts, and swapping franken-for-franken is really great too.
    Frankening= mixing together existing polishes to create a new polish.
    Custom mixes= Polishes mixed from scratch, I consider these like, clear base tinted with your own combination of tint colors, and glitter, or shimmer or what ever you want to put in it.
    Pigment-based frankens I think can fall into the middle, or either one of the 2 categories.

    My frankening/custom polish mixing materials are: white creme, black creme, clear, empty polish bottles, castoff polishes to mix with, glitter (can be bought in Sally's, craft stores, much cheaper through e-tailers and ebay-- in alllll shapes and sizes!), pigment (I buy cheap ones on ebay, sometimes fake MAC cause they are cheap/many colors, old eyeshadow pigments, stuff from craft stores, etc), untinted suspension base (for mixing glitters, can be found through etailers), base tints (etailers) uncoated stainless steel ballz for keeping the polish mixed (I buy BBs for BB guns), Spectraflair and color-morphing pigments (can be found at More Nail Polish's blog) and generic clear-shimmer polishes. A small funnel is also helpful :) HTH!!!

  2. oh my goodness that is so much stuff! but i really think i am going to start. it sounds like it will be so much fun =D thanks for all your advice!

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