Friday, December 9, 2011

a christmas glitter

oh I'm so sorry guys! its been too long... I've got two manis for you though! its the end of semester so its been so hectic in trying to study and post. =[ so here we go! a little break from my bucket list. or rather i wanted something super easy after the angry birds mani. that mani nail art'ed (is that even a word? haha) me out for a while. i got this idea from The Polish Aholic's post here. the only thing i wanted to do different was add more glitter! although i did like how hers was more white than mine. this was just something really pretty. i considered putting a bow on my ring finger but changed my mind due to my lack of motivation. so here it is!

i think its actually really pretty. a subtle christmas mani =]

some spots got kinda clumpy when it came to the glitter and others bare.

the only real problem i ran into was wayyyyyy too many layers of polish. this was 2 layers of that snowman glitter, 4 layers of an icy top coat, and one real top coat. oh man did it start to crack the next day. =[ I've learned my lesson!

kinda an up-close =]

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