Thursday, October 13, 2011

FINALLY! my haul post

this is a veryyyyy picture heavy post. BUT I'm so excited and happy with everything i got. theres some nail strip guides coming too, but everything you see plus those strips...under $20! OH how excited i was =D i can't wait to start using some of these things! it took a couple weeks to get here but oh well. it was all free shipping too; extra plus! the two buyers i bought everything from were: keyhere and lilyyangstore. go check them out!

everything for under $20! =O

here are these cool finger holder things. i figured they would be really good for working on my right hand which normally looks like crap when i paint it. we'll see if they help.

these are some little containers that I'm going to put nail polish remover in. i love the one my aunt has at her salon! these are considerably cheaper however, so its a win win. I'm going to love just pushing the cotton ball down on the top and getting remover on it.

detail. you can see what the top looks like

cheappppp brushes for my nail art. idk if that one is supposed to be bent but hey, it may work out.

i definitely know ill use the little ball one

fan one might be cool. i dunno yet.

i saw these online a while ago and couldn't find them. and lookie! i found some! they hold any different shape polish bottle and tilts it really nicely

nail polish strips i saw on Wacky Laki's blog and thought they were really awesome. i love the tutorial she did and can't wait to try them out. i think one is a duplicate so i may use that to create polish stripes?

you can see how thin they are here

OH STICKERS! i love stickers on manis. but there are none around here at the dollar store and they cheapest i can find is $4-$5 for 1 or 2 sheets. I GOT 50 HERE! for $1 something! i could not be more ecstatic! and theres black ones and white ones and colored ones!

i love the flower and star ones here

definitely going to be wearing the crown for my baby one day. he loves purple and the royalty of it

the white ones you really can't see very well. but i love them

i love that they come with little rhinestones too. white is very modern and classy to me

more white stickers!

and heres the colorful ones! they most likely won't get used as much but hey, they came with it and you never know. i may end up liking them more?

i love the blue and white flowers on the left. i don't see myself using these until next spring though. they are more spring/summery than fall.

who knows.... when eventually do a giveaway these might be part of it. =]

i just had to show you guys my mani. this polish lasted 4 DAYS without any chipping or anything =O! i am so amazed. on the 5th day i got like 2 chips but its been on now for 6 days and theres 4 major chips. this polish works sooooo amazing. i think its my new favorite. normally my polish doesn't last beyond 2 looking good!

close up. as you can see theres some chippage (i don't think thats a real word but whatever), but thats all from me. I'm not careful enough when i paint and get a lot of overload in my cuticle area so i tend to pick at it cuz it drives me nuts.

you can see theres EXTREME minimal edge wear.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

stupid technical problems

soooo my camera won't upload pictures anymore. idk what is wrong but its pissing me off. it did a week ago but not since. i didn't change anything so idk if something got changed on accident. posted a yahoo answer about it (lol i know) but maybe someone will solve my problem. if notttttt ill have to go out and buy a card reader. i could use my parents computer but that thing is a piece of crap and as soon and i try to figure out which drive is the sd card it freezes on me. sooo i was going to do a post tonight of some of the stuff i got in the mail and also this wonderful nail polish i have on, but i guess that will have to wait =[

i think i have enough nail stickers to last me the rest of my life!
hopefully pics tomorrow!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The TraceFace Philes giveaway!

everyone needs to go check this giveaway out and enter! Full set of OPI polishes =D and they sparkle like theres no tomorrow. heres the link The TraceFace Philes giveaway!

oh I'm sorry its been a while!

its been too long since i last posted. life has been hectic and busy. on a positive note i received my winnings from the nail polish giveaway i won courtesy of Adventures in Acetone. ahhhh do i absolutely LOVE these colors! the solid color is like a blue greenish color, teal maybe? and the glitter has all different sized glitter specks. they are made by Essence and are called Edward and Bella. i definitely wish they had some of these around here. the base color applied wonderfully in 2 coats and i think i did 3 coats of the glitter for my tips.

here are the bottles. they are the perfect size! i love the caps they fit in my hand really well.

this picture i took inside really does not show the color well. its got more green to it. i love that this polish is super shiny though.

a very blurry detail. sorry about that. i was in a hurry to take pictures. but you can see the different sized glitters really well in this picture.

the color of the polish outside is muchhhh closer to the actual color. still not quite as green. this polish has a very rich color to it.


i should be getting my nail stuff from china or wherever its coming from soon. whenever i get it i will do a haul post and show you guys everything i bought. I'm super excited for it all to come! =D

Monday, October 3, 2011

rite aid is my downfall...

rite aid is my absolute weakness. they alwayssss have polishes on sale and they aren't crappy ones. so i stopped there tonight, with the intention of looking at makeup, and passed by a clearance sign with a shelf FULL of nail polish. omg! i couldn't help myself. sooo i picked out everything that was 99 cents! i love that price for nail polish. the wet n wilds were even BOGO 1/2 off with my wellness card. =D double happy! on top of that i grabbed a few clear nail polishes to attempt on making my own polish at some point.

from left to right: Sinful Colors Envy, Wet N Wild I'm Seeing Double, Sinful Colors Snow Me White, and Wet N Wild Tipsy on Bubbly.

from left to right: Sinful Colors Ciao Bella, Sinful Colors Paradise, 2 Wet N Wilds Clear Nail Protector, and Sinful Colors Seaweed

from left to right: Sinful Colors Casablanca and Sinful Colors Adventure Island.

also, i said i would post the polish i did on my toes. i used Sally Hansen Black Out, and NYC East Village. i really love the transparent teal over the black. sorry for the nail polish around my nails. never got around to that!


late boring nights.

waiting for my boyfriend to get here after he gets outta work. should be sometime soon. in the meantime, I've entered so many nail polish giveaways! its so exciting. i can't wait to be able to do one, but I've got what? 4 followers. wow that would be an interesting competition! any suggestions on how to get more followers anyone? its lonely over here!

*sigh* ill just have to wait and build up my blog.

ill put some pics up in the next couple days of the polish i did on my toenails. i LOVE it! can't wait until my nails get long enough to do it on.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

bronzey polish

lately i never feel like i have time to do my nails. they either take too long to dry or i just feel like i have no inspiration. but i can't standdddddd to have no polish on my nails. it seems to make them break faster. so last night i did them quick before i went to a party with my boyfriend. and they actually dried fast! i did a sponge mani on them because it looked quick and easy and i actually think it turned out really well. i had to do i think four coats of each but they were so thin they dried almost instantly.

you can see its like a brown/gold color. its kinda greeny in the picture, but not in real life.


these are the polishes i used. i actually really love the two together. they are Sinful Colors Nirvana and OPI Glitzerland.

in the sunlight it looks more like it does in real life.

the shade make the colors really stand out. i love it!