Saturday, November 12, 2011

20th birthday mani!

first off look at the wonderful flowers my boyfriend got me for my birthday! they are so pretty. he made yesterday the most wonderful day ever!

and now to the bday mani! i wanted to do something super festive and what better polish to use than a multi-colored confetti!? i absolutely love this polish and had to have it as soon as i bought it. it was an early bday present =D its so fun and colorful. reminds me of confetti cake, which is kinda made more to look like the cake by the white base coat. just noticed that haha. anyways, this was 2 coats of white and 2 or 3 coats of the confetti.

and of course i can't just polish my nails. i need to have SOMETHING else on them. so i added a 20 in blue for how old i turned!

looks like the cake doesn't it! so fun and festive!

and theres the 20. sorry its super dark. i was having trouble with the light shining on the 20 so that you couldn't see anything.

i used the polishes OPI Alpine Snow, OPI Rainbow Connection, and Sally Hansen Blue Me Away!

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