Monday, November 21, 2011

Bucket List: half moon

heres the first mani after i decided to start my "bucket list." its a classic half moon mani. after painting and going through some ups and downs with those darn paper reinforcements i finally got this done. i like the design itself, but i don't like my color choices. both are too dark and its kind of hard to see the two different colors from afar. i also learned a lesson to use a top coat over the first color AFTER i painted all my nails. thats why i need to do a practice on my nail wheel first! but it turned out alright...its kind of lumpy on the black where i had to go over where the paper reinforcement pulled off the polish. but, here it is!

i really love the purple, but its too dark to pair with the black

it looks alright, don't ya think? i do wish my pointer finger would be more square though. =[

you can see the slight difference. you can also see that random slitter sparkle that i didn't notice until i put the top coat on >=[.

i love this purple. its OPI Pepes Purple Passion, and then the black is Sally Hansen Black Out. i didn't take pics of the bottles =/

a picture of me and my boyfriend during our cities holiday festivities. there was a gingerbread contest and hot chocolate and carolers and fireworks! it was a lot of fun. <33

manis i want to do:


constellations or connect the dot

glaxey nails

needle design




angry birds

water marble

black matte

glitter gradient french

white dandelion (iphoto)

half moon on tip

half moon

striping tape

bumble bee

inverted dots (iphoto)

holiday lights

paint splatter

batman nails

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