Saturday, November 5, 2011

after halloween mani!

i think this is my new favorite blue. it applied almost good enough in 2 coats but a few spots weren't thick enough so i added a third. this is such a beautiful blue. it has a hidden sparkle to it and i love it. from a distance you don't see the sparkle but up close it is gorgeous.

personally i don't like to just paint my nails and leave them plain unless I'm on a time limit or feeling lazy. soooo i added a pretty sticker!

this is the sticker i added on my accent nail. i got it off ebay in that massive amount of stuff i bought. i love all those stickers!

and here you can see the sparkle! my pointer finger is blurry but you can see it in my middle finger =D so pretty right?! unfortunately i didn't take a pic of the polish and i left it at school, but i used Sinful Colors Ciao Bella.