Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My first Color Clubs!

A couple weeks ago I bought my first Color Club polishes! I reallllyyyyyyy love these polishes because of the texture they appear to have! I think they would be a foil polish? Is that what they are called? Anyways these colors apply really good, especially over white. I saw this nail art by Chalkboard Nails (my all-time favorite site for inspiration). I thought it was fun, and would be even more fun with bright and vibrant colors. The colors used here are Color Club Daisy Does It and Sparkle and Soar. Also, I recently starred using OPI's Nail Envy to give my nails a little help and I can only change my polish once a week. =[ And let me tell you a week is a longgggg time to wait once my polish starts to chip...I tend to continue to chip it off! So I have been planning new manis a week ahead of time over the last two weeks and I really wanted to move on past these Color Clubs. This mani helped me use two polishes at one time! I've gotten lots of compliments on this!

Here's that foil texture I was talking about. Kinda cool huh?

And heres my mani from last week using Color Club Fly With Me. This color DID NOT LAST LONG! I was so mad! I think part of it had to do with my SV top coat which appeared to make the mani shrink so I had almost immediate tip wear. On the mani above I used a Sally Hansen fast dry top coat and it seems to have lasted a lot longer. But I still wanted to show the pretty green without showing the HIDEOUS tip wear. 

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