Monday, June 4, 2012

OPI Shatter the Scales

I am sure by now all of you have seen this polish. But oh well! I loved it the moment I saw it, which is weird because I am not a green fan. But something about it caught my eye. Maybe the glitter? Who knows! Anyways, this shatter applied really well! Sometimes shatters can get on my nerves because I will layer them on too thick by mistake and they won't shatter at all. And then sometimes it gets too thin and the shatter doesn't look like I want it too. I suppose that both of those problems are actually my fault, not the polishes. I guess it takes just the right amount. I really loved the pictures I saw with this shatter layered over a nude color, so that is what I used! The nude I used was by Sally Hansen and called Duchesse Lace, which is part of their Diamond Strength collection. This mani is actually lasting a long time with just minimal tip wear, as I am posting this 3 days after I painted my nails. Enjoy! 

Any thoughts on this shatter?

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