Friday, December 9, 2011

bucket list - striping tape

this was a mini disaster... ugh its coming off my nails today! such a grand idea! presents! i absolutely loved the colors i used. they were very christmasy =] and then the striping tape seemed just perfect. but nooooooo! that stuff is so crappy. well maybe it wouldn't have been if the edge hadn't been on the end of my nail. i think thats what ruined it. because most of the other sides stayed on. i think they look like cute presents =]

this was 2 coats of Alpine Snow, 2 coats of Sinful Colors Envy (green), and Maybelline Bordeaux (red)

i didn't even want to show my thumb nail again. that looked the worst. you can see the white on the red looks like crap too. for some reason i never have any luck with Alpine Snow. i dunno if its the brush or if its me? i think its a little bit of both. so much comes off the brush no matter how much i wipe off. so you can see by my cuticle its all crappy looking.
this is my favorite nail =] i love the red on the green! it got kinda clumpy towards my cuticle... something I'm working on getting better at

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