Thursday, December 15, 2011


I'm done with finals so to celebrate heres a fun peppermint mani! theres the red peppermints and the green spearmints. =D i absolutely love this! i think its adorable and fun! and having the glitter on top makes it even better. this hand didn't turn out too bad stripe wise but my right hand....oh man. looks like i sneezed a few times haha. sorry for the flash on my nails. i had to take this when its dark out when i normally do it when its light.

i love this!

at first i thought the green would be a little too bright, but i think its perfect now.

i used Maybelline Bordeaux, Sinful Colors Happy Ending, Sinful Colors Bad Chick for the white stripe, and Wet N Wild Tipsy on Bubbly for the sparkle

heres the red and the green together. makes me want a mint =D i think the next mani will be something with animals

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