Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photos don't want to upload so i guess ill do those later..

I've found in my few months of nail art, that some design need utensils. i haven't had to go out and buy anything yet =D but in the future i may. everything i use is something I've either found around the house, or at my moms job (she's a dental assistant). i use anything and everything to give me the designs i want and to help me paint easier. I've used cutips, tweezers, wooden nail sticks, dotter tools, foil, styrofoam containers, nail stickers, etc. I've got a whole container full of random things.

also, i found this trick online to dry nails considerably faster. dip them in ICE cold water. it really works and makes them dry soooo much faster, but WARNING: they are still a tad sticky after so don't go flinging your hands around and hitting your nails against everything or you WILL screw them up.

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