Thursday, September 22, 2011

more previous manis!

ugh. blogger has been pissing me off. it wont let me upload more than one picture at once. but anyways here is some more nail art ive done previously. the next polishes i do ill have more pics for each one but this is before i even started blogging so i didnt know i should.

i needed something quick and simple this time so i decided to use my new purple metallic nail polish. buttt half way through i thought it was too plain so i added the purple on top. kind of a french but not? i dont know but i LOVE metallic and holographic nail polishes. although i hate how most are transparent the first coat so it needs like 3 coats to even look decent. and then all those coats take foreverrrr to dry no matter how much ice water i soak them in. but i still love them so oh well. the polishes i used are Sinful Colors Let Me Go and OPI Color of the Zen-tury.

oh how i love this one. im in love with the dark purple. im in love with the purple glitter. so put together its too amazing. plus my nails were nice and long so it makes it even better. i had fun doing this one, but not taking it off. this will definitely be a design i do again. the polishes i used were Wet N Wild Sparked and Wet N Wild Night Prowl.

i dont know how i feel about this one. i love the two blues, but i dont know if i necessarily like the accent nail a completely different color. hmmm something to think about i guess. i used Love & Beauty Baby Blue and Wt N Wild Blue Moon.

ahh more purple sparkle! i love purple (and blue) in case you havent noticed. again, definitely be something i will do again. used the polishes Love & Beauty Mauve, LA Colors Silver Glitter, and NYC Starry Silver Glitter.

i really hate the color red. like really. but i have a BJILLION red nail polishes. ok not that many but i have like 10, and they are all relatively close. sooo i should probably start using some of them up. thinking about maybe mixing them too. who knows. but like ive said i suck at getting a straight line (i AM a perfectionist so to most people the line would probably be fine) so i used the blue glitter to hide it a little. and it turned out fine so yay! polishes i used are OPI French Bordeaux and LA Colors Blue Glitter.

wow did i hate this one. but it was a learning experience. my lines got a little to thick and kind of took over. and the weird flagish looking design on my ring finger... wtf was i doing? ugh lets move on. polishes were OPI Bastille My Heart, LA Colors Silver, and LA Colors Silver Glitter.

silver shatter! ahhh i love shatter. although i learned not to do silver shatter over a light color... DUH! but i really do like it anyways. of course i used OPI Silver Shatter and OPI Kyoto Pearl.

sorry for the blurry picture. it was taken on my ipad which doesnt have the BEST camera but it will do. you still get the concept. art deco inspired and deez nails blogger inspired (i love her blog and gets tons of inspiration from her if you havent been able to tell). i really like the idea but again, the lines got too thick on me and the blobs too blobby. used the polishes Sinful Colors Rise and Shine, LA Colors White, LA Colors Silver Glitter, Love & Beauty Purple.

my first sponge mani. and first rhinestone application. the sponge is kinda difficult at first but it looks a lot better after a top coat. the rhinestones i actually really hate. i dont know why, i guess they are just too large and stick off my nail too far. i ended up popping all but two off by the end of the next day. to stick them i used some sort of nail glue... the name of it escapes me right now. i used the polishes NYC Sidewalkers, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, and OPI Alpine Snow.

ohhh how i love this mani. i love the colors, i love the glitter =D it was my mani for the premier of the last harry potter film, hence the lightening bolt. the glitter was a b**** to get off though... i dont know how many cotton balls i went through. i used the polishes Sally Hansen Black Out, LA Colors Yellow, and LA Colors Gold Glitter.


my superman mani as i call it. i was eating some superman ice cream the one day and looked at my nails and was like woahh! ehh minus the orange but still. these polka dots are one of my favorite things to do (using a dental instrument =D) and i love the colors. they are all very summery. i used the polishes Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, Sally Hansen Sun Kissed, Sally Hansen Blue Me Away!, and Sally Hansen Grass Slipper.

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