Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just going to do a quick blog spam for what I've done so far

Butterfly wings. I absolutely loved this mani. I found it incredibly hard to do however. my black polish started to get thick and chunky towards the end. i really don't know why but it still turned out really nice. for the polishes i used: OPI Alpine Snow, Sally Hansen Sun Kissed, and LA Color black.

i thought this idea was brilliant when i saw it! i had no clue newspaper could go on nails like that, and so easily also! i used font from a comic strip because i liked the font more than regular newspaper type. the polish i used was Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet.

A different take on a french manicure. i love blue and i had just gotten blue crackle. a french mani is my favorite thing to do, except on my right hand (I'm right handed). but anyways, i kind of suck at getting a straight line on myself so added the glitter to hide it and violà! it looks just fine.

this was my fourth of july mani. i know, not really red white and blue, but its got lots of gold glitter and its festive. when i was thinking of what to do i kind of thought of the night sky, so i tried to make it look like that. i used the polishes Sally Hansen Gunmetal, Sally Hansen Blue Me Away!, and gold glitter flakes.

my first mani that i ever experimented with. i know not very impressive but it my my first one! i wanted to experiment with glitter and dots and just seeing what happened with what colors and what tools. i used the polishes OPI Color of the Zen-tury, OPI Ski Teal We Drop, and LA Colors Silver Glitter.

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