Saturday, September 24, 2011

del sol polish!

i just got this new polish last weekend when i was up north at mackinaw with my boyfriend. we were walking around this little outside shopping mall and we found this store called Del Sol. the stuff in there is awesome! everything starts out black and white, i mean t-shirts, bracelets, headbands, etc, and when it is under UV light it turns into beautiful colors. so i found nail polish, which of course i had to buy. whenever you are outside it changes colors, even on a cloudy day! i bought a blue one that turns to purple and a darker blue glitter one that turns to green. they are kinda expensive, $9 a bottle, but whatever, they are cool.

heres the blue one that turns to purple. its a little brighter in real life, but its pretty close. sorry for the shitty looking sticker thats on and the polish is starting to come off. i never got the chance to take a pic while it was still new; the purple pics below are worse. but anyways, i just got these new stickers and they are awesome. I've been looking for some stickers, but our dollar store doesn't have any >=[. so the only place to get them is somewhere like sallys and they are a bit expensive, $4 for one sheet with like 20ish stickers on it.


heres the purple in the sun, well clouds that day. it was wayyyy more purple in real life, the picture makes it look more gray. as i said, sorry for the crappy sticker thats on. this picture was taken about 4 days after i actually did the polish so it was starting to come off. the rhinestone already had.

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