Monday, October 10, 2011

oh I'm sorry its been a while!

its been too long since i last posted. life has been hectic and busy. on a positive note i received my winnings from the nail polish giveaway i won courtesy of Adventures in Acetone. ahhhh do i absolutely LOVE these colors! the solid color is like a blue greenish color, teal maybe? and the glitter has all different sized glitter specks. they are made by Essence and are called Edward and Bella. i definitely wish they had some of these around here. the base color applied wonderfully in 2 coats and i think i did 3 coats of the glitter for my tips.

here are the bottles. they are the perfect size! i love the caps they fit in my hand really well.

this picture i took inside really does not show the color well. its got more green to it. i love that this polish is super shiny though.

a very blurry detail. sorry about that. i was in a hurry to take pictures. but you can see the different sized glitters really well in this picture.

the color of the polish outside is muchhhh closer to the actual color. still not quite as green. this polish has a very rich color to it.


i should be getting my nail stuff from china or wherever its coming from soon. whenever i get it i will do a haul post and show you guys everything i bought. I'm super excited for it all to come! =D