Sunday, October 2, 2011

bronzey polish

lately i never feel like i have time to do my nails. they either take too long to dry or i just feel like i have no inspiration. but i can't standdddddd to have no polish on my nails. it seems to make them break faster. so last night i did them quick before i went to a party with my boyfriend. and they actually dried fast! i did a sponge mani on them because it looked quick and easy and i actually think it turned out really well. i had to do i think four coats of each but they were so thin they dried almost instantly.

you can see its like a brown/gold color. its kinda greeny in the picture, but not in real life.


these are the polishes i used. i actually really love the two together. they are Sinful Colors Nirvana and OPI Glitzerland.

in the sunlight it looks more like it does in real life.

the shade make the colors really stand out. i love it!

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