Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm back!

I'm so sorry guys that its been so long. When i stopped posting i was to that point where i wasn't enjoying it anymore. I was no longer painting my nails for myself and i had no desire to post anymore. I went a long time without painting my nails or if I did paint them i let them chip like there was no tomorrow. Truthfully, i didn't care anymore. Well about a month or two ago i started to get back into it. It became fun again! I didn't want to start posting right away because i wanted to make sure i was coming back for the right reason. I know my blog is not even that big or if a lot of people even look at it, but i would like to think that some of you do. Also, my nails over the span of not posting kept breaking. I went through so many breaks where the break was so close to my nail bed. So right now i am starting new with nubs. So sad! And on top of all that life took over with school and jobs. It has been pretty hectic. I am finally in finals week at school and could not be any more excited. Also, last week an Ulta opened near me! Each day the first 100 customers received a gift certificate worth anywhere from $5-100!  So, of course i went each day! I got a lot of polish and makeup. =]

But, as for my latest mani, here it is!

It is a ("Caviar," "Kaviar") or however it is being referred to. In my spare time of not posing and just painting for me, I have been trying to master the polish not going all the way to my cuticles, i think people call it the "gap"? I actually like it a lot better because i was one that cuticle flooded like there was no tomorrow and then i would pick at it because it would drive me nuts. Anyways, i kinda like these microbeads on it! My nails are painted Orly Glowstick, which is an AWESOME neon yellow. I absolutely love this color. Only downfall is that it took 4 coats to completely cover my nail, which sucked because it then took forever to dry. I also added a coat of Wet N Wild Tipsy of Bubbly because there were a few spots that were still thinner than others! So frustrating!
I have seen some of the posts other bloggers have done where they said these beads only lasted a day or so on them. It has been 3 days for me and i have only lost a few towards the tips. I think it is because no one used a top coat, and i can kind of see why. You can see in the closer up pictures that it take a bit of the color from the bead and the blue then kind of melts onto the nail so that in-between the beads it looks green. But without the top coat i don't think they would have lasted this long. I wish i would have gotten the beads a bit closer to the edge though, and i know for next time to paint my nail the same color as the beads! But this was only the first try so i think it went pretty well.

I most likely won't be posting everyday. I don't have that much time nor do i paint my nails that much. But, i am going to try to post semi-regularly. I plan on painting my nails again today, so hopefully that post will be up soon. =]

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