Friday, April 27, 2012

finally done with school!

So thursday was my last day of school for the semester. It has been a busy week for me. I had 3 large finals to study for and working 30 some odd hours on top of it. I have been really stressed so, therefore, no posting. I had a couple manis within the week that I did though! BUT, one i forgot to photograph and the other I did but can't find my cord - i forgot to use my SD card! So, here is the mani i did today quick before work. Kind of mad i had to touch the tips up 5 hours later but i LOVE this polish so i'll ignore it. I told you guys in my last post that an Ulta opened up close to me and i had gotten some gift cards to spend. Both of these polishes i used i bought with those gift cards. The base coat is Ulta Maine Attraction, which is a really pretty darker sky blue i guess you could say? The other is China Glaze Optical Illusion, which is a GORGEOUS blue glitter with lots of different color glitter pieces inside. If i can make this polish hit the right light it has a purple to it also! Sadly i couldn't reflect this in the pictures i took =[ But anyways, here you go!

 this was in the shadow. you can see the different color glitters in this

the purple shows a little bit in this one on some of the nails

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